Biathlon: Another triumph Bailly, Halinárová 15th


8 (AP) – The Sabbath Pursuit Women’s 10 km in the 2nd round of the 2007/2008 World Cup biathlon in Hochfilzen, Austria fully use its position to the start of Friday’s sprint winner Frenchwoman Sandrine Baillyová and won. Slovakian Martina Halinárová for the 15thinstead credited to account 16 points in the assessment of the SP.

Bailly, owner of the large crystal globe for the overall lead in the World Cup in the 2004/2005 season and World Champion of the Russian Championship in Khanty-Mansiysk in 2003, ran out on track with a 19-second lead over Russian silver on Friday Jekaterina Jurievovou, but after the third shooting (first standing) had before their prenasledovateľkami mainly due to the good flawless shooting for more than a minute. First Rifle hesitated only at the very last shot in the race, but by then it had such a head start that could still dash off a 150 m long criminal circuit and comfortably leading position maintained.The finish line already graduated with a French flag in the hands zdraviac spectators in the stands. Year-old biathlete a nice view from the top of the step enjoyed after the 18th time in his career, the second time in the current season. Thanks to gain 50 points came on the forehead evaluation of SP and other races will have the right to start in the yellow jersey Leaders of. And two more rungs belonged to the same racer as Friday – silver Jekterine Jurievovej from Russia and bronze Kati Wilhelm of Germany.

Excellent performance brought again experienced a 34-year old Slovak Representative Martina Halinárová.Compared to Friday’s 20th-round sprint, she has improved five-fold, and for the 15th place she adds another 16 points to the overall classification. On the first shot at the first shot, she did not shoot one target and for a while she dropped to the 24th place, but then she shot flawlessly until the end and gradually moved to the 60th Biathlon Flyer. Other Slovaks did not qualify for fighters.


Women’s Fighting Race – 10 km: 1. Sandrine Bailly (Fr) 31: 37.7 min. ) +31.4 (4), 3. Kati Wilhelm (DE) +32.6 (1), 4. Magdalena Neuner (German) +55.5 (2), 5.Martina Glagowová (Nem.) +1: 02.0 (2), 6 Anne Ingstadbjörgová (NOR.) + 1: 06,9 (0), 7. Helena Jonssonová (Swe.) + 1: 08,1 (1 ), Teja Gregorin 8 (SLO.) + 1: 11.4 (1), 9 Sylvie Bet365 Kenya betting online Becaertová (France) + 1: 30.0 (1), 10, Andrea Henkel (GER.) +1: 31 , 3 Bet365 free iOS App (4),…15. Martina Halinárová (SR) + 1: 44.0 (1).

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