The child can, with your help

From one to two years. Your toddler can more
The baby learned to walk independently. He understands addressed to him words, responds to the request. If you ask him to bring a toy, he does it with pleasure. In the age of one year the baby is going through her first life crisis, it is expressed that he may have something to do without adult assistance, begin to aim let to a small, but independent.

So take a moment to continue to instill self-reliance skills. To the already familiar compilation of toys can be added to other equally interesting and important responsibilities. Even at such an early age for kid, there are useful things in the house.

Purchase for toddler little toothbrush and toothpaste. Show him, “as a mom (or dad) brush my teeth.” Take baby’s arm with a toothbrush and help your child to first brush his teeth. Be sure that this will now become his favorite pastime.

After eating a toddler can clean up the table a Cup or a plate, and you praise him. Sew daughter’s little apron and at the time when you clean or wash dishes, invite the daughter to help you.

You have a boy? Then involve your father. Kids love to watch dad something repairs the home will be able to hold a hammer or nails. In the age of from one to two years you can begin to teach your child to dress and undress, neatly folding his clothes. Start with the basics – wear a hat or socks are easier than tights to put on or to button the blouse.

The child can, with your help:

To water the flowers.
Wash and brush your teeth.
To feed the fish.
Wipe the dust.
To help clean the dishes.
To pick up your toys.
Eat with a spoon.

Two to three years. Kid wants to help you
Your baby is so independent! It is very well organized, enjoy talking, exploring new territory, and he really likes to help mom and dad. You don’t even have to make an effort. The kid is pre-configured to participate in household chores. To the things that kid did earlier, may be the more difficult.

For example, a child may itself collect the toys for a walk or take part in cooking dinner. The task of the adult to try to help the child, but in any case not do for him. Here very important point – don’t be annoyed if the child can’t do with the first (and even fifth) time. Because baby hands are still clumsy. And sooner or later will succeed.

The child can, with your help:

Make my bed.
To help cook (stir, stir).
To carry his small bag from the store.
Sweeping the room.
Be not only their toys, but to help to pack.

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