The miracle we have experienced this year. Now we will try again, sounds from Most

“I would probably not be the right coach if I did not say we were going to try. Realistically, however, I know that the eight goals are a lot, especially against such a rival. On the other hand, once again, we have had a miracle this year when we turned the league finals to Slavia, “is not surrendered to the mating coach Peter Dávid. “We will definitely do everything for the best result, but the eight goals are really a lot. And we have only scored 22 goals, so we are actually talking about our victory by nine, if we want to go further. ”

The calculations could have been much more favorable, Angels in front of 1,200 spectators at half time led over Superfavorite 12: 10! “It was a match of bet live two diametrically different halfs. In the first we managed to disrupt the attacking game of our opponent, who in the bundesliga gives away incredible benefits.In our game was a fantastic discipline, it was a good defense and a very strong goal keeper Dominice Müllner, “said the coach. After the turn, the image of the game changed radically. “We knew exactly what was going on. I stressed that an even bigger wave would come upon us. And that it needs to stop. Although we knew what to expect, however, the opponents quickly made a 4: 0 series. We were a bit confused and unfortunately we could not go back to the match, even if the situation was still good, “David said.

For the coach, he described the situation as the 16:14 for the opponents. “Iveta Matoušková blew the ball, jumped away from the goalpost, but the jousting whistled or stopped. We could go to 16:15, instead they went to 17:14.It broke us. ”

Finish, it was a mess. “Conclusion has not radically failed. It’s terrible bad luck, the result certainly does not match the course, but unfortunately it’s such a cruel reality. I must say that sports betting bonus Metzingen is currently one of the fastest teams in the counter-attack. They punished us for every mistake. It is a pity that we did not keep the whole discipline of tactical discipline, “said David.

However, the coach believes that Saturday’s domestic revenge will not be just a formality. Thanks to the traditionally stormy home environment. “Letting go to the Bundesliga co-driver and vice-president of Germany, where the best European competition is played, that would be a mistake. I figure the hall will be full.And we will do our best for success! “