Eurovision XIV. Or the Bales in full fame

It would be no surprise to conclude that Gareth Bale yesterday gave the most dominant unibet bonus performance of the offensive player in the tournament. Aaron Ramsey, the star of Real Madrid, was able to squirm the fucking Russians, and the English team in the history of international tournaments continued to dominate the group twice. To win over Hodgson’s squadron, 30 shots did not help…

Let’s recall the essence of one of the pillars of this format to the Euro-Notebook: a table with three striking characters of each match.


Inside the right edge of the match, you will find the best player of the match according to the statistical server.The reason for using it is obviously: we consider the database to be the most complex and therefore usually the best to tell about real performance.

So then you do not have to go to the page yourself, we have just drawn the statistical boxes for you The soccer star’s symbolic star has probably been the biggest contributor.

We are now following our pure choice of heroes and renegades, and we have privately asked to never interfere with WhoScored to select as many as possible for you. P>

1) Albion is still unable to fully use his attacker , but it ends up with second-wave players. Seldom, if ever, England had such a powerful weapon that it boasts this year.We know from the past that Hodgson, in his previously promoted 4-4-2, emphasized the collaboration of the twins, which he never managed to achieve perfection in the representation (remember, for example, how the English of the past Euro hurricane co-operated with the left wing).

This time, it seems that Hodgson is preferring to go through the triangles of no less popular triangles, whose precise or routine execution at the right side of the line often takes a breath. In the first match, it was Walker – Lallana – Alli Trojan, this time the chances were mainly based on the purely Liverpool route Clyne – Henderson – Sturridge. Each time it was crushing power. Clyne yesterday successfully completed four of his penetrations ahead and three times very similar way recorded in a firing position within sixteen.This is truly awesome efficiency, which has a clear foundation in training sessions, when players often get into the free space where they expect each other.

This is why Hodgson and his coaching staff deserve a clear thumb up. However, this time England does not have an attacker who could use the system properly, it apologizes very little. Kane had four of his five missiles to be sent from behind the lime to this match, and Vardy’s yesterday’s performance was not effective.Once again, Henderson begged for a sprinter fight with the Scratch and twice Vardy used the above-mentioned Clynea supplies, but otherwise the demonstration of Leicester’s viewer’s capability did not come when more than four Varda passes were only taken from left-handed Bertrand and no other colleague.

If the English were primarily supposed to strive to shake the passive tandem of the middle defenders of Slovakia, instead they were more of a lack of effective dribble and imaginative passports to defend directly in cards…

2)…it is related to one English evergreen , over which you probably do not have to be surprised – the absence of a midfielder capable of supplying teammates with the attack by penetrating perpendicles.In this direction, Wilshere was particularly frustrated, and even worse Wilsher was in trouble, and Sturridge, who had tried all the time once before, failed to do so, even more unsuccessfully. And then both Eric Dier, a shielded midfielder, was overwhelmed by the game, and in a few moments just like the phenomenal Busquets, and ultimately responsible for the same number of precision waist traps as the Wilshere-Sturridge (three) duels, it does not do so in all respect to the midfield champion Offensive aces England too good light.

On the other hand, Jordan Henderson said in a backup three as an interesting alternative.After his air passes he was sure to score both Jamie Varda and Dele Alli (who was shot by Škrtel), while Henderson’s team was also a classic vigorous dynamo, actively requesting a balloon and giving it up. Henderson was involved in the play of Clyne’s club mate, and given that Dele Alli had not found him too much in the past, he could not be categorically excluded from the future in the future. The kondika does not seem to be a problem for him after a promised jar and there is not much reason to fear Henderson’s further involvement.

3) The Slovaks operated in the deepest anchor block, And of course it can not be repeated.When you look at the average position of the players and their addressees, you will find that the Slovaks did not really want to attack the half-way after almost the whole game.

The Czechs were less like the Spaniards; And Hamskyk played pure CMK, which gave the vast majority of passes along the dividing line.But this is not so much criticism – letting the Spaniards specially spill, that would amount to suicide, and the islanders gave our eastern neighbors a brief taste in the passage roughly in the middle of the first act, when Kucka barely resisted the pressure of Vardy, who at one time alone He slipped behind Škrtel’s back.

Such 1-in-1 situations had to avoid the Slovaks as much as possible, and the deep block appeared to be the only viable option in that direction. On the other hand, the quality of the Slovak stoper was highlighted – if we had Irra 2012 and their enthusiastically blocking pointers, we have Ďuricu et al. These were able to stop 12 incredible missiles yesterday, which is due, among other things, to the fact that Ján Kozák st.He played courageously with four full-blooded trackers on the board. Such a tactic, although Ulim Stielikem in the final of the last Asian Cup, had to be attacked, but the Slovaks were clear – just to defend the 90 minutes and the procedure is more or less clear. Although there is a high probability that it would not reach the successful end of a repeat anyway, but what else.

This is a free choice for UEFA gentlemen. Would it mean less money for television rights, but would not it be by chance to benefit if instead of the four best of the ‘worst’ they were rewarding the four best of the opposite spectrum?Promise the four most conservative leaders of their groups automatic ticket right into the quarterfinals, and yesterday they had much to play for both Slovaks and English…


1) The Wales tactical plan came out perfectly. Only in the third match of the basic group was a team that made full use of the weakness of the Russian unit. Wales was quite active in the first few minutes when his wing defenders moved high enough to get Russia’s pressure immediately under pressure.Because of their multiple misunderstanding of the fundamental base of the attack, it was not surprising that that pression led to several balls that were won near Akinfeyev’s sanctuary. It was, of course, water on the offensive car that could attack the unformed Block of the enemy – which for the clumsy and slow defensive Russians was a real nightmare. Evidence can be two goals in the first twenty minutes that fell just after the rapid counter-attacks.

2) Russia did not really do anything positive in the tournament. His game was interwoven with mistakes of various kinds. From the individual, through the inability to play the game meaningfully, to the system ones.The encounter with Wales was more or less a show of all Russian flaws.

We can point out the most crucial ones – in the offensive phase, for example, the Russians completely missed the middle of the field. If you do not want your opponents to offer many brew opportunities, it’s a must to have at least 3 footballers under the ball. At the same time, it is also a necessity that the whole formation is not too stretched throughout the playing area, so that the gamekeeper shorten the game and in the event of a loss of the ball, they are able to immediately defeat a personal fight with the opponent. But that was almost never done. Everything was greatly documented by the situation when the Russians turned the game from one region to the other in the offensive third, from where he followed the center.But he was blocked, and as the rest of the team absolutely failed to move in the direction of the ball, she opened up to Balem’s highway to the penalty area. Of course he took advantage of this, creating a 2 in 2 situation in the final.

In the second half for the change of Leonid Slucki’s team, he showed how he did not want to attack. In such moments, the offensive six moved a few meters forward, so it was necessary for the self-attacking attacker to cover one of the stoperes, or if the ball reached the edge of the court to get out of the extreme defenders.But the reaction was quite the opposite – the whole block started back, creating a huge hole in which Bale and Ramsey could take the ball undisturbed, turn around and launch offensive action.

And finally, I add that not even obstruction Controversy, the fan club of defensive football would not be pleased – the defensive quartet often tried inconspicuously to expose their opponents to the offside, which did not bring too much success. Instead of standing up against the ball player in the vicinity of the penalty area, while the others would pull back and continue backwards, all the players stopped at one time.Then, a simple pass on the rebounding teammate from the depth of the field was enough to eliminate the entire four.

3) Wales can limit certain shortcomings in the defensive phase. It turned out in previous clashes and it turned out again – the basic eleven gives the best performance when it is able to play in the middle block. When the whole team goes deep, most of the time the opponent can develop solid opportunities.

It is not so much the question of the individual quality of the defensive players as the whole system – although for example, Ramsey tries to return to the backup line His teammates in defensive activity help, he is not able to do so every time.In those moments when the defensive block does not complete, then Wales defies essentially 7 players only, with the middle of the field covering only 2 midfielders – and that is why the opponents open relatively advantageous areas that they can use well enough.

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